Love Italian Holidays Trekking with donkeys in the valleys of Mount Rosa

Trekking with donkeys in the valleys of Mount Rosa

Join our amazing adventure.  We offer trekking with donkeys in the valleys of Monte Rosa from 30 July to 4 August!

We offer a special price 598 GBP instead of 635 GBP.

A wonderful route with the unforgettable views and landscapes of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. A five days trek to admire the glaciers of Mount Rosa and the lush high altitude pastures of the Sesia and Lys valleys Sesia.

Our donkeys will help us carrying baggage but will also enable us to live an amazing experience.
This animal, so fundamental in the past for the people of the valley living as shepherds, is today rediscovered for its behavioural characteristics that help to establish a simple and immediate harmony with people, in particular with children.

Trekking is suitable for adults and for kids from 6 years.

You can find detailed itinerary here.

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