Love Italian Holidays Treat yourself to an Italian Self Catering Holiday

Treat yourself to an Italian Self Catering Holiday

Sometimes you just want an easy holiday, a place you can just be. A home away from home. This is the joy of an Italian self catering holiday. Experience real Italian life holidaying in an Italian self-catering Villa or apartment. 

Find your perfect Italian self-catering holiday

All you need do is find the perfect spot to while away the days living your Italian life. It’s true, the country is full of Leonardo da Vinci landscapes and Piero della Francesca views, now all you need to do is find the right ‘room with a view’,  that’s where our Italian self catering specialists come int!

Now the question is what region will you choose for your holiday? Here are a few pointers on regions that might appeal;

Rural Italy

This is the Italy we dream of, warm breezes, open views of cypress dotted hillsides and the sound of bees and birds going about their business. If that’s you too then perhaps a Farm stay will satisfy your. An Italian agriturismo stay embraces everything from living on a real farm or a converted granary or country estate where you can get a feel for the rural life.

A similar experience can be found by choosing rural Italian self-catering villa where accommodation might be in the guise of renovated former farm buildings, stables or granaries on an olive-oil or wine estate. Sometimes, you can get lucky and fin an adjoining farm with local produce. Anything from wine, olive oil and salami to home-made bread, cheeses, pasta or jams is made in an Italian farmhouse kitchen.

With creative conversions, the self-catering choice comes in a range of villas in Italy, such as an Umbrian farm-house, a Sicilian manor house, a truly scrumptious trullo, a bizarre beehive-house in Puglia. In Puglia, the masseria fortificata, the authentic rural residence, traditionally doubled as a fortress and a family-run working farm. But many have now been converted into luxurious country retreats.

Some Italian self catering holiday rentals have beautiful farmhouse kitchens

Farmhouse kitchen at Villa Donati

The Perfect Location in Italy

Look beyond the typical tourist haunts and you’ll find some excellent Italian villas offering value for money and a warm welcome. This is true of much of the South and also in such unspoilt regions as rural Abruzzo,LiguriaPugliaLe Marche, and Emilia Romagna.

In Matera, deepest Basilicata, your Italian self catering villa could be one of the cave dwellings that are enjoying a makeover after Mel Gibson’s controversial movie, The Passion of Christ, was filmed there. Offering a unique alternative to Italian villas, the cool cave-apartments reveal a labyrinth of Stone Age walls, carved out of tufa-stone, with views over a lunar landscape.

Even in perennially popular Tuscany and Umbria, there are still some ‘secret’ discoveries. The same is true of Lake Garda, the ski resorts, and on the most sought-after islands. When it comes to searching for family beach villas in Italy, be prepared to choose between a pricier, more functional beachside haunt and a rural apartment that is still only a short hop from the coast. Given the need for insider knowledge, trust a specialist tour operator rather than a random web search for Italian villas.

Art-house chic

In the classic art cities, particularly FlorenceRome and Venice, the rental prices might seem high, but bear in mind the savings to be made by dining in rather than dining out. The appeal of a city-centre apartment also includes a superior sense of feeling like a native, whether shopping for fish in Venice’s Rialto market, or actually living in a Renaissance apartment in Florence. Smugness is part of the appeal, as is sheer convenience.

While the typical Italian self catering holiday rental period is a week, some savvy operators also offer short breaks, including in the popular Le Marche and Tuscany. Of course there is usually a bit of a premium to be paid for Italian villas or apartments with a pool but the same can be said of the coastal and city centre locations but booking early through a specialist operator is sure fire way to guarantee that perfect Italian idyll will be waiting for you.

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