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Discover Genoa

This summer discover Genoa and all its wonderful attractions including the Galata Maritime Museum 

Summer in Genoa is a wonderful time to explore the seaside city with the breeze from the sea cooling the temperature down and allowing for long, warm evenings when the city’s inhabitants come out to enjoy the lowering sun over an aperitivo.

Visitors can enjoy the bustle of Genoese life exploring the authentic food shops and medieval streets in the historic centre. But they can also escape to the city limits and soak up the atmosphere at the traditional fishing village of Boccadasse enjoying a cooling drink whilst overlooking the bobbing fishing boats and sea.

Back in the city the re-developed Porto Antico has the Il Bigo viewing platform which means visitors can glimpse a panoramic view of the city before seeking out one of the al-fresco restaurants from which to enjoy a long lunch on a summer’s day.

One of the best attractions to explore in the city is the comprehensive Galata Maritime Museum which showcases Genoa’s seafaring past.

For centuries the port of Genoa in the north west of Italy maintained international prominence acting as the gateway to the East from Europe.

As a key focus point on the global trading map Genoa was at the centre of maritime tradition and exploration – the city is even the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Today the impressive Galata Maritime Museum documents this fantastic and diverse history charting five-hundred years of seafaring history from medieval hub through to the Italian post-war immigration wave and to the tragic story of the sinking of the classic cruise liner the ‘Andrea Dori’.

The Galata is named after the Istanbul neighbourhood where up to the 15th century the most prominent Genoese lived and now refers to the port area where the museum stands. More than a standard museum the Galata comprises a 10-metre-high lighthouse complete with Fresnel lens, a 42-metre 17th century Genoese galley, a 19th century schooner, the deckhouse of a steamship and outdoor areas including a terrace offering views of the waterfront, known as the Darsena, and the city and also the opportunity to visit a real submarine – the Nazario Sauro. This is all showcased over 28 halls on four floors featuring 4,300 original objects.

Attractions for visitors

In April 2018 a traditionally-painted red and white lighthouse was installed and now dominates the hall and ticketing area. Equipped with a precious Fresnel lens and functioning as a real lighthouse the guiding light can be seen from the outside after sunset mimicking a working lighthouse guiding shops into port. In the rear part of the ticket area visitors can also see an old diver’s boat , donated by the Genoese  leading maritime services function Rimorchiatori Riuniti. Adjacent to this is a showcase with two divers working on the demolition of a wreck , using original tools datng back 70 years.

Christopher Columbus Genoa

Monument to Christopher Columbus in Genoa Italy

Christopher Columbus and the port of Genoa at the beginning of the modern era

A must-see on the ground floor this acts as a starting point to the history with multi-media supports telling the 1,500-year-long narrative of Genoa as a searing port whilst explaining the life of Christopher Columbus

Atlases and Globes

Those who are fans of maps will love the incredible collection of maps and globes. Exhibited are the celestial and terrestrial globe by Coronelli in 1688 and the Galata cartographic collection, which can be virtually leafed-through with geolocation tools for a sense of discovery.

MeM Memories and Migrations

A pavilion opened in 2011 offers 1,2000 metres of exhibition space with over 40 multi-media stations devoted to the story of Italian immigration with virtual reconstructions of the key locations the post-war Italians headed to including Buenos Aires, New York and even rural Brazil

Shipowners Hall

In March 2017 the Shipowners Hall opened showing visitors the development of Genoa and its port since 1861. A must-see part of the museum the exhibition in this section is divided into six sections – port, trade, public / private, crews, profession, invitation, goods. Photos, full-wall projections and real-life footage bring the stories of the shipowners to life and it is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and features over 100 marine paintings.

The ‘Andrea Dori’

The story of the Italian liner the ‘Andrea Dori’ is part of the fabric of recent Italian seafaring history. Coined the most beautiful ship in the world the liner represented Italian style and glamour at sea and at its sailing peak epitomised the new luxury cruising trend that arose in the 1950s. After completing 100 transatlantic voyages its doomed 101st crossing would be its last after being struck in heavy fog by a Swedish ship. Although the major of passengers were rescued the collision still holds the place as one of the most talked about and the ‘Dori experience’ at the Galata devoted to this shows what the impact and evacuation process was like for those involved in a realistic and impactful way.

Nazario Sauro

The greatest Italian submarine has been moored outside the museum since 2010 and can be visited as part of the museum. After learning about the submarine and its work inside the museum the visitor can emerge into the open before starting the immersive experience by walking down the submarine’s hull complete with safety helmet and audio guide.

Pricing and ticket information

The museum is part of a wider attraction opportunity called the AcquarioVillage which offers access to the Galata Maritime Museum and also Genoa’s Aquarium, the submarine Nazario Sauro and the Renzo Piani designed Biosfera and viewing platform Il Bigo.

Tickets are priced at 29 Euros per adult, and 19 Euros per children (aged 4-12).  All prices correct June 2018.

Entrance to the Galata Maritime Museum and the submarine Nazario Sauro only is also possible. Tickets are priced at 17 Euros per adult and 12 Euros per child (aged 4-12). All prices correct June 2018.

For entrance into just the museum tickets are priced at 12 Euros per adult and 7 Euros per child (aged 4-12). All prices correct June 2018.

The second child is free with two paying adults and one paying child.

For more information visit www.galatamuseodelmare.it

For more information on Discover Genoa, please visit www.visitgenoa.it.

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