Love Italian Holidays Celebrating Sardinia Tour

Celebrating Sardinia Tour

Only three places left on Celebrating Sardinia Tour with Sapori e Saperi Adventures 28 April–7 May 2017.

Come to Sardinia for the six-centuries old feast of their patron Saint Antioco. You’ll be immersed in the living history of Sardinian food and culture as folk dancers, musicians and horsemen in traditional dress converge on the town of Sant’Antioco for two days of street parties. After the party, you’ll discover the simplicity of pecorino cheese, gleaming salt pans, locally caught fish and knee-high grapevines coexisting with the intricate mysteries of layers of civilisation from the Bronze Age nuraghi to colonisers from Phoenicia, Carthage, Rome, Spain and Genoa, all of whom left their mark on the island’s cuisine. A relaxing exploration of a little-known corner of Sardinia and its warm, open-hearted people.

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Posted by on Jan 19, 2017