Love Italian Holidays Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

On our small group walking tour to the Amafi Coast we visit an area of sensational coastal scenery of limestone cliffs, serpentine roads and terraced lemon groves with famous towns like Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. Villages and remote monasteries here have long been connected by a series of ancient footpaths, which provide a perfect opportunity for walking and hiking.

On this Amalfi Coast walking tour you are rewarded with stunning views of the Mediterranean Coastline


Amalfi Coast Walking Tour Itinerary

whose ‘Lattari’ mountains rise nearly 5000ft steeply from the deep blue sea. Wildflowers such as Broom and Cistus rose decorate the hillsides in Spring and cyclamen carpet the woods in autumn. It is hardly surprising to find out that the Roman emperor Tiberius moved his court to Capri, that the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev owned an island near Positano or that American writer Gore Vidal chose Ravello for his home. Naples is famous for coffee and pizza (and chaos!) and lies at the foot of Mt Vesuvius with the excavations of Pompeii a few miles away.


Our journey starts here almost 2000 yrs ago when the once thriving market town of Pompeii was buried under ash during a massive eruption of the volcano. Thereafter the countryside and serenity of the Amalfi peninsula await us.

Join us on a Caspin Journeys tour and explore this beautiful region with like-minded travellers and expert guides. This Amalfi Coast Walking tour is just one of many holidays we expertly organise.

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