Love Italian Holidays Puglia Matera and Basilicata walking tour

Puglia Matera and Basilicata walking tour

Puglia, Matera and Basilicata walking tour takes you round the heel of the Italian peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and blessed with sun, sea and dramatically changing landscapes. A traveler exploring on foot can enjoy breathtaking sea views, rugged coastal scenery and vast expanses of ancient olive groves seemingly untouched by time.

 This coastline boasts a rich historical heritage dating back to the Greeks, Roman civilization and others seeking passage to the East across the Mediterranean Sea. Among the highlights of our small group walking tour are the famous Trulli houses of Alberobello (UNESCO heritage site). Trulli are limestone rock buildings curiously cone-shaped to insulate against extreme summer heat, harsh winters and allow for the collection of rainwater. Our journey in Puglia is one of the best hiking tours in Europe with Trani & Otranto, Frederic II’s imperial Castel del Monte (UNESCO heritage site), the decorative baroque town of Lecce known affectionately as the Florence of the South, the spectacular Castellana Caves and two National Parks. We cross the fertile plain of the Tavoliere and the plateau of the Murge, exciting ecological diversity punctuated by Bronze Age, Greek and Roman archaeological sites, medieval castles and cathedrals. Before ending our beautiful journey we stop to explore the ‘Sassi’ cave dwellings of Matera.


Our Walking Tour Itinerary

Hospitality in Puglia is a Trulli memorable experience! Our accommodations are in the region’s traditional Masserie – agricultural estates where, during the 19th century, extended families lived and worked protected from pirates and brigands. We are welcomed with open arms by the locals and fed an abundance of delicious Pugliese specialties favoring ingredients like beans, figs, melons, grapes, olives and a whole variety of particularly delicious cheeses – leaving us satisfied and sometimes a little over-full! No problem, our walks are just vigorous enough to work up an appetite for each feast!

Join Caspin Journeys as we explore Puglia on foot, while enjoying superb food, fine wine, and breathtaking scenery!