Love Italian Holidays A true heaven: Puglia

A true heaven: Puglia

Puglia is considered, in Italy and abroad, pure heaven, an authentic southern Italian paradise set apart from the rest of the country. It goes straight to the heart with its suggestive scenery, beautiful white sandy beaches fully equipped , magical atmosphere, centenarian olive groves, old stones and colourful local people.

This is also a land rich of history and tradition: from the uncontaminated medieval villages to its charming ancient palaces, besides the peculiarity of the popular traditions with unique events capable of attracting the attention of the world’s greatest anthropologists.

A trip through the provinces, will make you discover the most authentic Puglia and its ever-surprising nature will make you feel sensations that will stay with you forever.  Puglia has a huge seacoast and an interior covered with more than 60 million olive trees with lots of lovely medieval towns such as Lecce, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Ostuni, Cisternino, Locorotondo, Grecìa Salentina and many more interesting places to visit, but also religious attractions and baroque churches. The region also has wonderful local cuisine and regional icons such as the Trulli Houses and the Masseria farmhouses.

The beautiful coast, rustic countryside, and superb food and wine, make Apuliathe perfect place for a culinary and wine vacation as well as yoga and bike holidays. Apulian cuisine is healthy, genuine, mainly based on vegetables and on  homemade pastas, seafood and olive oil and, of course, Italy’s best bread like focaccia and pucce.

Among the beauties of Puglia there is Salento, a magical place that fascinates with its landscape, colors and flavors. Salento is the land of Baroqueart architecture, the Pizzica dance, stunning beaches, white washed walls villages and a gorgeous local cuisine and wine. It is in the centre of theMediterranean, in an harmony set where history, culture, music and landscapes blend together in a extraordinary way.

Salento is in the southern part of Puglia, characterized by a splendid sunshine, vineyards and historic cellars, secular olives groves and un uncontaminated nature. It is the perfect place to relax and unfold and share the warm hospitality of  the folks who always like sharing their traditions with new friends.

From the trasparent waters of its seas to its constants sunshine and uncontaminated countryside, Salento is a truly outstanding destination. Red heart, mediterranean aromas, a glorious Wine road, breathtaking country houses and farmhouses, centenary olive trees that witness the crossing of cultures and races creating a priceless artistic heritage.


The local people offer a warm welcome to all visitors, which has been repeatedly noted as being a remarkable centre for all the requirements of tourism.

Salento is also the place of  “Slow Life” a philosophy of life made up of slow movements and pure joy of the moment.

Explore the Salento and fall in love with it…

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