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On the northeastern side of Rome, Abruzzo stretches from the Apennine mountains to the Adriatic Sea. This is the land of a thousand castles, the highest mountains in Central Italy and vast tracts of more
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Apulia – Puglia

Apulia, the ‘heel’ of the elegant Italian boot has coasts on two sides with fabulous beaches dipped in sparkling turquoise seas, while the inland plains have treasures from imposing castles to the fairytale trulli more


Italy’s canyon country is sparsely populated, but littered with Greek remains, castles, abbeys, fascinating cities, the Mediterranean’s most perfect example of a troglodyte settlement and some of Italy’s best beaches. ‘Earth as it was more


In the ‘toe’ of Italy’s ‘boot’ where mountains and sea collide, Calabria is remote, rugged and virtually untouched by tourism, with not one but three national parks and a 600 mile coastline lapped by more


Campania is, with Tuscany, Italy’s tourism mecca, at least in terms of visitor numbers. Campania has everything in abundance: a sun-kissed climate, Classical architecture, bijou islands and Italy’s most dramatic coastline. The legendary names more
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Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is the proverbial land of plenty, arguably the most civilised region in Italy. As a monument to bourgeois bliss, Bologna is the perfect figurehead for the region. You can expect beaches and more

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Italy’s easternmost region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a sliver of coastline across the Adriatic Sea from Venice. The region’s slogan has Lucifer kicking Adam and Eve out of paradise, and Adam saying, ‘Don’t worry, darling, we’ more


Lazio Holidays Have Something for Everyone Rome is probably the world’s greatest outdoor museum. All roads lead to the past, and every pavement, piazza or pathway is a journey into history. This city of more

Le Marche

The lesser-known Marche (pronounced mahr-key) region is in the calf of Italy’s long, tapering boot, next to the ‘Chiantishire’ of Tuscany and Umbria. Here towns are on a human scale where life is slow more


Lovely Liguria is consistently underrated by most visitors, who shoot through the region en route to the familiar delights of Tuscany. Many misguidedly think that picture-perfect Portofino is the only resort worth visiting and more
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Milan is Italy’s business, fashion and design capital. In this style-conscious city, you can spot hotels, clubs, cafes, restaurants and even flower shops that have been ‘branded’ by the major designers. Beyond Milan is more
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‘Molise – the new Tuscany’?  Not even ‘the new Puglia’ at the wildest stretch of the imagination. It’s more like ‘the old Abruzzo’ but even less developed. The charms of Molise remain a mystery more


Surrounded on three sides by the Alps and sharing borders with France and Italy, Piedmont or Piemonte, takes its name from the Italian ‘foot in the mountains’.  But there are also sparkling lakes, lands more
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One of the highlights of holidays to Sardinia is the fact that all around you are the archaeological sites for which the island is so famous. Circular nuraghi (stone ruins) rise up on grassy more


The largest island in the Mediterranean is a cradle of civilisation. Shaped by its own past and by the earth-moving influences of Europe’s largest active volcano, Mt Etna, beguiling Sicily has an ‘on the brink’ more

Trentino-South Tyrol

Trentino – South Tyrol is Italy’s northernmost region. It is bounded by Austria, Switzerland, the Veneto and Lombardy and riven by soaring mountain ranges. The towering peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites preside more


The Tuscan landscape is as beautiful as the art. This soothing scenery, dotted with age old hill-towns, inspired the Renaissance masters. The art and architecture of medieval Siena and Renaissance Florence may be  un-missable, more


Umbria is the green heart of Italy, a realm of medieval hill towns dotted with cypress trees standing sentinel over vineyards and olive groves. It is Italy’s only land-locked region – where soft-contoured hills more
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Val d’Aosta

Set in the northwest corner of Italy, sharing borders with France and Switzerland, surrounded by Europe’s highest Alpine peaks, the Valle d’Aosta is Italy’s smallest province dominated by the spectacular Monte Bianco. Straddling France more


The Veneto is celebrating Unesco’s recent decision to declare the Dolomites a Unesco World Heritage site. Along with the Veneto’s four Unesco cultural sites, the region now possesses its first site of outstanding natural more

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