Love Italian Holidays Mouth-watering Italian Food and Wine Holidays

Mouth-watering Italian Food and Wine Holidays

Italy is a labyrinth of ‘strade dei spori’ – food trails – and ‘strade del vino’ – wine trails – just waiting to be explored! In Italy, the foodie trail takes you from hearty alpine cuisine in the Dolomites, to Piedmont’s truffle country, to Bolognese pasta and of course, to the birthplace of pizza in Naples.

Find your perfect Italian food and wine holiday

Here, food and wine don’t just go with the territory, they are the territory! Regional cuisine is as much a reason to visit Italy as the dolce vita lifestyle and culture. A food and wine tasting holiday in Italy is a glorious excuse to follow the well trodden (and not so well trodden) paths through gorgeous scenery to welcoming smiles on the wine and oil estates.

A Taste of Italy

Whether it’s Tuscany‘s Chianti country or the Amalfi Coast wine route, there is ample fodder for those seeking the best wine tasting holidays.

In Italy, there is a bewildering choice of food trail runs from Parmesan cheese trails to routes dedicated to Modena’s balsamic vinegar, Campanian mozzarella, Calabrian leeks or Alba’s white truffles.

Tuscany combines great wines, such as Brunello di Montalcino, with the hill-top scenery that has inspired countless ‘Chiantishire’ films. Serious wine-lovers also lap up the Barolo trail in Piedmont‘s prestigious red wine country. If you’re looking for bubbles, you must try Franciacorta, by Lake Iseo, a landscape dotted with monasteries (thank the pleasure-loving monks for launching the wine industry in medieval times). And of course, the sparkling Prosecco trail near Treviso is unmissable, taking in visits to wine producing Palladian villas. For the adventurous, try dinner accompanied by the famous grappa on the grappa trail named after it’s central town Bassano del Grappa, choosing between firewater flavoured with juniper, almonds or honey.

The variety of food and wine tasting holidays in Italy provide endless possibilities. See our current food & wine offers from Love Italy’s tour operators.

Eating your way round Italy

food and wineThe sheer diversity of choice in regional cuisine can be overwhelming which is why we love our Italian food and wine holiday partners. They live and breathe food and wine and know how to show you the best quality, the most interesting, the most unusual and the most downright tasty food and wine in their region. They can thrill you with Turin’s princely cuisine or Sicilian street food. You can taste your way around a classic Italian city or one the 700 Italian islands!

A food and wine holiday in Venice will open up a world of the cosmopolitan empire that was, having raided the recipe books of the Arabs, Armenians, Greeks, Jews and Turks, Venetian chefs took their cue from trading posts in the Levant and this bazaar city found spices, the secret of its subtle cookery.

Instead, in Sardinia, meat, not fish, is paramount, with lamb, beef and wild board all favourites, spit-roasted or grilled and smothered with fragrant herbs. Bologna relishes its reputation as ‘the fat’ (la grassa) but foodies regard the stuffed pasta as supremely rich rather than fattening. Legend has it that a local inn-keeper modelled the tortellini shape on his mistress’s belly button – which says much about the seductiveness of Italian cuisine.

Feeling hungry yet? Find an Italian food and wine holiday with one of our partners.

Many of our specialist operators are passionate about specific regions and the foodie secrets in store. If you are considering food and wine tasting holidays in Italy, speak to more than one company. Explore independently, guided by a chosen operator or book a trip including wine estates or even a cookery course. Imagine visiting the local markets, fields, forests and vineyards with someone who loves the produce. Or gathering porcini mushrooms, making olive oil, pasta or biscuits – or simply tasting the wines of Italy.

Specialist operators can advise you on everything from eating in a hole-in-the-wall osteria (inn) to a Michelin-starred restaurant. All of which is geared to making your Italian food and wine holiday absolutely perfect.

Now all that’s left to say is see you at dinner! Buon appetito!